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Emotional insights from your users, in real time, anywhere.

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Welcome to the first online platform for emotional analytics. A platform that allows you to share your creations with your audience and watch, in real time, how they are emotionally reacting.

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Gameplay Testing

Use our platform to test how your users are emotionaly reacting and engaging with your game. Identify what parts are working well and those that are not, and create the very best experiences ever.

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Enable Emotions

Use our SDK to integrate with our platform and enable your game with emotion detection power. It's time to respond and adapt to your users and create amazing experiences that they can even share in real time.

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"With 93% of our communication being non-verbal, why do you still rely on verbal reviews to develop your products?"

We collect your users’ biometric responses through state of the art wearables and translate those responses into actionable data.

Through cloud-based synchronization with our servers we process the information in real time using statistical and machine learning mechanisms.

Generated big data is accessible at customizable dashboards and can be compared with the industry’s leading contents.


Our company started with just and idea in mind: create technology able to adapt to us in any possible situation. Since 2013, we've been researching on human behavior, emotions and data generation, and we've become experts in this field.

We're a passionate team of psychologists, neuroscientists, computer engineers and artists, with need for innovation and change. If you do too, join us in our journey!

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