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Emotional insights from users, in real time, everywhere.

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Welcome to the first cloud-based platform for emotional analytics. A platform driven by objective biometric data analysis, intelligent pattern extraction and real time reporting, for the entertainment industry.

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Record your emotional reactions during gameplay, compare your experiences over time, compete with the community, and share your gameplay and highlights of your game sessions with your friends. Start sharing experiences not just gameplays!

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Videogame Companies

Get deeper insights into your own products and users, and your competitors’, by quantifying and analyzing emotional inputs. Predict trends and user abandonment risks, improve user experience and create more emotionally engaging content.

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Our platform collects users’ biometric responses through their own wearables and translate those responses into actionable data.

Through cloud-based synchronization with our servers, we process the information, in real time, using statistical and machine learning mechanisms.

Generated big data is accessible at our customizable dashboards and can be compared with the community and the industry’s leading contents.


Our company started with just an idea in mind: to create technology that is able to adapt to us in any possible situation. Since 2013, we have researched human behavior, emotions and data generation, and we have become experts in the field.

We're a team of passionate artists, psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer engineers, with a need for innovation and change.
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