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Welcome to Sekg, the ultimate playtesting platform for game developers. An online tool that accompanies you from the very first idea, to help you create great experiences!

“A complete user experience analysis tool for your studio”

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  • Send your prototypes and builds to players that match your requirements.
  • Ask unlimited questions, determine intents and propensity.
  • Understand experience by analyzing gameplay and emotional reactions.
  • Discover your player persona, motivations and identify new targets.
  • Benchmark with similar games and inspire yourself.


How will it help you?

User Experience

Create better user experiences and improve your players retention. Discover your players motivations and understand what they really expect.

Gamer Analytics

Determine the most impactful moments of the gameplay using our innovative technologies based on emotional behavior. Access accurate gamer analytics to improve game mechanics.

Game Benchmarking

Contrast your game’s iterations with different targets to optimize your product. Follow other games and compare their performance to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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