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What is Antidote?

A UX and playtesting solution in the cloud that helps you manage your playtests remotely. We bring you faster and deeper insights on your players experience.



Set up and configure your first player experience project.


Invite your players or the ones in our user base.


Analyze, refine and constantly validate your game.

What’s in it?

Desktop games

Full support to playtest games on PC/Mac/Linux.

Mobile games

Full support to playtest games on Android and iOS.


Access your players’ gameplay recording.


Choose your survey or elaborate your own.


Deeply understand gamers emotional responses.


Think-aloud comments are saved and available.


Track touches and keys pushed while playing.

Face Recording

Watch gamers reactions during gameplay.


Control all your games and projects from one place.


Get automatic reports in real time of your playtests.


Compare UX with your other playtests and similar games.


Discover the player persona of your audience.


Invite a specific community to play your game.


Give away awesome rewards to your players.


Securely distribute your game on the platform.

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Sneak Peek

Take a fast look at the platform in action and what you can get from it.

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  • Invite your community to play your prototypes and early stage builds.
  • Playtest your PC/Mac and Mobile games, all from with the same tool.
  • Ask unlimited questions, determine intents and record gameplays easily.
  • Understand your players experiences and objectively share with your team.
  • Discover your player persona, motivations and identify new targets.
  • Benchmark with top similar games and inspire yourself.


Designed to fit the needs of any studio size and any game.


A beginner’s step to understanding your game. Access the service for free and run a first test.

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Up to 1 year of use.

  • Only public projects
  • 5 players/project
  • Invite up to 10 players
  • Invite players from our verified user base
  • Gameplays up to 1 hour
  • Template surveys

  • Automatic project report
  • Documentation support
  • Player rewards available


All the main features to manage a test. Invite your community and stay connected with them.

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Annual license.

  • 10 players/project
  • Invite up to 100 players
  • Invite players from our verified user base
  • Gameplays up to 1 hour
  • Unlimited surveys
  • Automatic project report
  • Standard intents included
  • Technical support provided
  • Player rewards available


Includes custom security options & advanced biometric analysis. The highest quality for the largest quantity.

From 2995€/month

Annual license

  • All features from other models included
  • Custom security requirements
  • Benchmark on own and public projects
  • Biometric data analysis included
  • Webinars on how to use the platform
  • 3 Team members included
  • Export data to CSV

Additional services

Services offered on demand to companies with specific needs.

Antidote Player Base

Distribute your game to non-professional players from our player base. Select players according to your target specifications (demographics, hardware, games, etc). See pricing.

User verification

As soon as you invite your community of players, we can go through a user verification process to make sure the entered data is matching with your needs.

Session validation

We can help you in the validation process of the performed sessions, verifying it matches with the all the requirements and project details.

UX Report

Review and draw conclusions from several gameplays is not always easy. Ask us for a personalized and detailed UX report to understand your project(s) better.


Quality assurance is our extended legacy, our team of experts can help you prevent mistakes on detect bugs on your game.

White Label

A full integration of our playtesting service within your own system. Integrate all the features of the platform directly into your company.

Extended Security

The built-in security levels are sometimes not enough. In those cases, we implement a custom solution to match the requirements of your company.

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