Antidote by Sekg

A complete user experience
solution for mobile and PC games

A UX and playtesting solution in the cloud to manage your playtests remotely.
Get faster and deeper insights on your players experience.


Set up your game and configure your first playtest project.


Invite your players or the ones in our user base, to play.


Analyze results, validate and keep improving your game.

Sneak Peek

Take a fast look at the platform in action and what you can get from it.

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  • Invite your community to play your prototypes and early stage builds.
  • Playtest your PC/Mac and Mobile games, all from with the same tool.
  • Ask unlimited questions, determine intents and record gameplays easily.
  • Understand your players experiences and objectively share with your team.
  • Discover your player persona, motivations and identify new targets.
  • Benchmark with top similar games and inspire yourself.
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Make Emotions Matter

Sekg is a tech startup based in Barcelona, dedicated to experience analytics for both users and companies. Our mission is to revolutionise how user experiences are measured, analysed and improved in digital entertainment while always having us, users, at the center of the stage.

Our major product is Antidote, an early stage game launcher where companies and gamers merge into a single awesome community. A platform where developers and publishers can iteratively improve their games and a place where players can help build and enjoy the very best, most amazing experiences, ever.