Can I test Trailers and Cinematics?

Trailers, cinematics, or musical creations, are Sekg’s extensive legacy. We are always looking to extend our depth of services and would be happy to collaborate with you on your project. Send us all details here.

What is biometric playtesting?

In some cases, Sekg uses biometric systems recording heart rate and skin conductance in order to determine key data during gameplay such as the level of stress or boredom of the user. Biometric playtesting can be performed at our offices or directly by the testers from home. You can contact us if you would like […]

What type of questions are available?

You can create surveys with many types of questions. These include opinion scales, open questions, yes/no, single and multiple choice but also sections to help you organize your questions. Our platform presents the answers in a beautiful way so you can get fast insights at a glance.

How are the surveys elaborated?

A range of standard questions have been elaborated by our UX experts and are automatically assigned to all the published projects. Because each project is unique, you can also create specific questions along with game developers in order to aim at the true needs of the game.

Where do players come from?

Most of the players are based in Europe (Spain, France, UK, …) or North-America (USA & Canada) but also from many other regions. Testers are usually invited to play from home. Players can also be invited to our gamelabs in Barcelona when the playtest requires advanced configurations or complex scenarios.