No projects were assigned to me yet, why?

Several reasons can explain this. It could be about your user not being validated yet, or simply because there are no projects matching with your profile yet. Be patient, your time will come!

Will I get a compensation to play?

Once the playtest is assigned to you, information regarding the reward is indicated in the project’s description. You can expect to receive coins and experience that you can exchange for game related rewards: gift cards (amazon, steam, etc), tickets to game events and more!

How will I get selected to play a game?

Developers submit their game and indicate what types of players they would like to be playing. For example: native english speakers between 18 and 30 years old. players between 30 and 50 years old who occasionally play puzzle games. If the profile you defined matches with a new project, we will contact you and you […]

What games will I play?

It will depend on your preferences. Most of the games are for Windows, Android and iOS but other platforms might also eventually come up.

How do I become game tester?

We have developed an online, cloud-based platform, to help developers directly handle their projects from their offices. You can participate to the development of the game and apply as game tester directly here: