About the company

Sekg is a startup dedicated to experience analytics for good. Currently its major product is Antidote, an early stage game launcher where companies and gamers merge into a single awesome community. Companies create early stage communities, understand players’ experience, improve and publish their games. Players have curated access to games at an early stage, become part of the development and track their game to become gamers with impressive skills. A single platform to create and enjoy the very best, most amazing experiences, ever. 

Are you a software engineer with knowledge of game development (or game developer with knowledge of software engineering) eager to work and learn in a fast growing tech startup based in Barcelona? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an important part of the success of a videogame and the enjoyment of players? This is your place. Let’s fight the Sword Master together!


The main quest involves maintainig our SDK for videogames: the one that powers up games, defines the communication between games and Antidote and makes the world a better place. 

The mission involves hacking in C++/C# as well as polishing its plugins for game engines (including but not limited to Unity and Unreal) on each platform in the market (including but not limited to PC & Mobile). 

The main mission also involves contributing with new ideas and crafting new prototypes, enjoy how is it to fight alongside an amazing team and keep loving videogames while making a huge difference from within the industry.

Required Skills

  • We are looking for a combination of solid knowledge of software engineering and hands-on experience in C++ / C# for Unity and Unreal engines. You will be interacting with APIs REST, sockets, authentication flows, game engines, different platforms and more.
  • Be objective oriented.
  • Experience with Agile Methodologies.
  • Good communication skills and fast learner.

Background & Experience

Any of the following:
  • Degree in Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Game Development 
  • Or equivalent real life experience
  • Working in tech companies (preferably startups)
  • Experience developing games and/or plugins for Unity and Unreal.
Take fun really seriously.
Love and passion for videogames (any genre).
Know what LoL, CoD, OW, WoW, FIFA and Guybrush Threepwood might have in common.


Advanced English (C1/C2).
Klingon or Elvish will give you extra credits.

Job Location

The World. Most of our team is in Barcelona but you can also work remotely if this suits you best.

This is a freelance position with the projection of becoming full time.


Please, send your CV to weloveyou@antidote.gg.