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Launch online playtests according to your project specifications when the time is right for you. From surveys to complex playtesting scenarios or player targeting, we’re here for you.(starting at 8€/answer)


We accompany you, from the very first idea, through the whole development of your game. Ask players’ opinion, test prototypes, your multiple versions or different aspects of your game.(from 495€/month)
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Our Subscriptions

Designed to accompany you through the whole development process of your games. You’ve guaranteed a minimum of playtests per month to recurrently test the different aspects of your game.

per month
A complete playtesting package including surveys, gameplay recording, biometric testing. and more.
15 sessions/month
Up to 30 minutes/session
10 biometrics & emotional reports
Screen recording
Testers location on demand
per month
The ultimate playtesting experience. Get access to even more users and exclusive features.
30 sessions/month
Up to 30 minutes/session
20 biometrics & emotional reports
Screen, face, and audio recording
Testers location on demand
per month
None of these models fit to your needs? No worries! Let's discuss together how we can help you!
Sessions per month on demand
Time per session on demand
Biometrics & emotional reports on demand
Screen, face, audio recording on demand
Testers location on demand

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