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A New World of Video Games: Viewers

[sg_popup id=”50″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup] Last time we talked about a new realm of video gaming called streaming, and explored why we stream and what we like about it. Today, we’re discussing the other side of livestreaming: the audience or video game viewers. Why do we like to spend hours and hours watching livestreams? What makes us do it in the first place, and what makes us continue to watch? Twitch, the main platform for video games viewers where people broadcast and view live streams, is different than any other platform such as Youtube, or any other online game community. It makes a huge effort at taking the participatory aspects to the next level, having interactions happening in real time. In addition, we do

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A New World of Video Games: Streaming

[sg_popup id=”50″ event=”onload”][/sg_popup] The craze of recording and posting experiences has been around for a while now. It’s easy to find a viral video of a dog doing crazy tricks on one’s Facebook feed or coming across a random prank video on Youtube. But what’s the deal with livestreaming everything, especially with the video games streaming world right now, and why do we feel the need to broadcast? In the past few years livestreaming video platforms like, have skyrocketed in use, most popularly for livestreaming video games and esports (video game competitions). It boggles me and many, as to why we like to spend hours sharing in real time to the public though. Recently, through the use of online questionnaires to

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We’re attending Techcrunch Disrupt!

Fifteen selected startups from Catalonia will be showcasing their products at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. And we are really happy to announce that Sekg is part of them! We will be exhibiting at the Startup Alley, under the Catalonia Pavilion, from September the 12th to September the 14th. So if you’re around, we will be waiting for your visit! The selection process has been a challenging experience. We have been selected by Techcrunch and ACCIO among 120+ other impressive startups. And now we have the opportunity to showcase the product in The Biggest Startup Event in the world, which will be hosting more than 5.000 investors, corporations and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and abroad. Demo Day @ Samsung HQ Last but not

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