Full Stack Engineer (aka Manny Calavera)

About the company

Are you a software engineer eager to work and learn in a fast growing tech startup based in Barcelona? Have you ever dreamed of becoming an important part of the success of a videogame and the enjoyment of players? This is your place!

Sekg is a startup dedicated to experience analytics. Currently its major product is Antidote, an early stage game launcher where companies and gamers merge into a single awesome community. Companies create early stage communities, understand players’ experience, improve and publish their games. Players have curated access to games at an early stage and become part of the development. A single platform to create and enjoy the very best, most amazing experiences, ever.

Let’s fight the Sword Master together!


  • Be part of the development of Antidote’s core API (backend) and clients (Web app, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS).
  • Test and validate the quality of new releases (QA).
  • Testing and documentation doesn’t sound strange to you.
  • Maintain and Improve performance, redundancy and security of Antidote’s architecture.
  • Contribute with new ideas for Antidote and develop new prototypes to make it even awesomer.

Required Skills

We are looking for developers with a combination of solid knowledge of software engineering patterns and best practises, with hands-on experience in full stack web development environments, to contribute to different parts of our company’s internal products and published apps! Let’s name a few:

  • REST APIs written in Node.JS persisting in MongoDB
  • With web app clients created in AngularJS / Angular 2 to 13.
  • Mobile apps crafted in Ionic (>= v1x).
  • Desktop Apps built with Electron that interact with native features.
  • Backends where some crazy stuff is going on, such as heavy data processing with R or Python.
  • Magic deployments into AWS, keeping a close eye on security and privacy.
  • Everything tested with Karma, Mocha, Cypress (you name it!) and documented with jsdoc.

Do you enjoy working with any of these technologies? Are you interested in any part of what we described? Join our team!


Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent real life experience.
Experience working in tech companies (preferably startups) and personal pet projects.


Be seriously fun.

Love and passion for video games (any genre).

Know what the following have in common: LoL, CoD, OW, WoW, FIFA and Guybrush Threepwood.

Experience with Agile Methodologies.

Good communication skills and fast learner.

Job Location

Remotely, which means you can be in Barcelona or anywhere in the universe (if you can connect to the internet).

Interested? We are too!

Please let us meet you by sending your CV and motivation letter to weloveyou@antidote.gg