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I want to delete my account on your platform. How do I do it?

Even though we don’t want you to leave, you can ask to remove your account from our system sending an email to The collected data will be kept anonymously on the platform until the project is over. You may have access to it on request.

Can I send the game to my friends?

Sharing a game of the platform is strictly forbidden by our terms and services. Any violation of our terms and services could result in banning you from the platform as well as legal action against you in accordance with the European and Spanish laws.

I love the game I tested. Can I play the game again?

Depending of the instructions of the project, you might be invited to play the game again. If the game is publicly published (for example on iOS, Android, Steam, …), you will be most likely authorized to keep playing if you wish to. However, if the game is still in development, it is possible developers ask … Continued

I could not finish my session, what should I do?

In case you could not finish the session (your device ran out of battery, you received a phone call, your dog ate your phone, …), your session won’t be valid. Depending of the case, you might be invited to play again, or not.

No projects were assigned to me yet, why?

Several reasons can explain this. It could be about your user not being validated yet, or simply because there are no projects matching with your profile yet. Be patient, your time will come!